So, this is my life..

I live in a world of loud music, long books, fan fiction, Teen wolf, rainy days and shenanigans.

Dylan O'Brien is my love.

Tyler Posey is my life force.

Proud and avid Sterek shipper.

Why do I waste so much time on people who blatantly just don’t give a damn about me? I’m so sick of pretending I don’t care, that it doesn’t bother me to constantly be second best. Why do I let people in when all they do is leave me the second I need them most. I don’t think anyone understands how completely an utterly broken I am. Either they don’t know or they just don’t care.

My ultimate goal in life is to be famous enough to get on Sesame street

I think it is very important to remember that Tyler Hoechlins first scene in 7th heaven was following some kids home and sneaking into thier house, not to steal their expensive furnishings or possessions… But to eat freshly baked cookies, sit on thier couch, and give good advice and help the kids with their school project … While introducing himself to everyone in the household without anyone questioning where in hell he came from.

Oh holy god damn that boy is utter perfection

Oh holy god damn that boy is utter perfection

omg okay I need help the boy I’ve been crushing on for literally 3 years is texting me being all flirty and sexual and suggestive and I don’t know how to reply cause I’m a terrible flirt and he has a girlfriend and i dont want anything to happen while he’s in a relationship and I’m freaking out because wtf since when did good things happen to me

Photos of Tyler Hoechlin that make me go all jelloid



Colton in all his perfection

Anonymous asked: I love your blog, and you were the first teen wolf blog I followed after rejecting quite a few others... i know that doesnt really compare to some othet stuff but you're not always second choice... :3

Oh wow thankyou so much anon!! This made my day

I’m really starting to struggle with being everybodys second choice all the time.

she didn’t get to say goodbye to either of them

ever heard of the term, ‘regression to the mean’ its a technical way of saying that things will always even out, more like things can’t always be bad. so no matter how bad things get or how good, they always come back to the middle. Regression to the mean.

Oh, I’m going to let the future in, the future in-
Take it on; make it on my own.
Oh, into the fire we go again, we go again-
Shake it off before we get too old.
Sweet harmony, send us out with nowhere to go
Sweet harmony, secret’s out but what do I know

i love protective beta Derek 

My Own - Whitaker

Scene/s: Scott and Melissa cry & hug each other at the kitchen table, Isaac and Chris leave the argent family apartment, Kira confides in Lydia about wanting to be there for Scott, Scott & Stles teach Malia how to shift into her beta claws. Ethan and Danny talk on the stairs about Ethan leaving and Danny knowing about werewolves, Stiles pulls down all the evidence research from his walls.

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