"fuck yo’ glowly burning werewolf weapon im Scott Mccall biatch"

- Scott Mccall (most probably)

sarcastic Stiles is literally my favourite thing to ever exsit 

oooohhhmaaaagooooddd THAT SMILE THOUGH??!! who even knew Derek could give compliments? or smile? my heart is breaking. what is this   

i am actually so worried omg

just try and tell me Derek isn’t wearing off on him

Stalia :)

okay so this is the one ship i am unsure about, there are moments when i really love it, Dylan and Shelley have a lot of chemistry, and i like the way their story is being developed, but in some ways i don’t ship it, i feel like its a bit forced and is moving to quickly its all happening behind the scenes, so its hard to catch on. 

send me a teen wolf ship and ill tell you what i think of them?
(i feel like i have enough followers now that this wont get embarrassingly rejected) 

"sup’ bb u txted? dnt worry i gots ur back man"

- chris argent (probably)

Anyone else notice how super fucking useless the Hale’s alarm always seem to be?

10 Steps To Survive Beacon Hills

Step one: stay really freaking far away from the hospital (literally doesn’t even matter if your hurt and need to go. Just don’t.)

Step two: also the high school. Don’t go to high school. like ever.

Step three: don’t trust anyone in a leather jacket

Step four: don’t be related or friends with Derek Hale (don’t even be an acquaintance)

Step five: Don’t be, or have any knowledge of Supernatural creatures

Step six: Don’t go into the woods at any time (especially at night.. Don’t even go outside)

Step seven: don’t go to the sherif station or become a police deputy

Step eight: assume every one is a serial killer

Step nine: don’t speak to any doe eyed teenage boys (it’s best to not be friends with anyone. Especially the hot people. Stay a away from them)

Step ten: basically just don’t even go to beacon hills. Live on the other side of the planet and you should be good (but not Mexico. Don’t go there)

Why does every sentence that comes out of my mums mouth start with “I’m not trying to be a bitch, but-“?

  • Deputy Parrish: if you're looking for dead bodies I think you're a bit late
  • Lydia: lol no try again

  • Deputy Parrish: "its probs not dead bodies"
  • Everyone else: "oh u innocent flower"

their so stupidly adorable its actually physically painful.